Atlantic Survey

During the month of February we conducted a survey among more than 200 experts.


Atlantic Debate

After the national round tables, we held the International Debate Table on the Challenges of the Blue Economy in Lugo on March 19



With all this data we will make the proposal so that young people begin to develop their ideas and projects.

Atlantic Community

The ATLIC project aims to establish a pilot Atlantic innovation community for the blue sector, focusing on open innovation laboratories, knowledge transfer, capacity development and the establishment of support networks to address common challenges in the Atlantic Space and develop solutions of market.

Young people from France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain are invited to take part in this project, which over the next three years will offer them and future generations a new perspective on the future.

To achieve this goal, ATLIC partners plan to analyze the challenges of the Blue Economy for the coming years through expert meetings. One of these meetings is scheduled to take place in Lugo on the 20th, organized in collaboration with the Campus Terra of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

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1st Atlic Round Table: Challenges of the Blue Economy

Lugo, March 19, 2024
Cactus Building - Campus Terra - University of Santiago de Compostela


10:30 – Welcome

10:45 – Local challenges of the Blue Economy

11:30 – National challenges of the Blue Economy

11:50 – Final analysis

12:15 – Rest

12:30 – Debate

13:00 – Conclusions


Atlantic Survey

We have cited more than 200 experts from Atlantic Europe in our survey to help us prioritize the challenges of Atlantic Europe and its relationship with the Blue Economy.

Furthermore, we have analyzed the results at the national discussion tables and we will soon analyze all the priorities at our transnational table with these experts.



Over the next few months we will make public the results of the survey we have carried out in four countries in the Atlantic Area: Spain, France, Ireland and Portugal.

We will also let you know through this website the conclusions of the national and international debate tables on the blue economy that will present us with the challenges that our young people have to undertake.


Our Experts

Our methodology

We have contacted more than 200 professionals who have to do with the oceans and we have asked them our questions about the Blue Economy and the challenges that we will have in the coming years in Atlantic Europe. Next we will hold several discussion tables both nationally and internationally to offer these challenges to young Atlantic people who will provide real solutions to specific problems seeking a future opportunity for themselves.

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Nos interesa tu colaboración

Do you want to participate in the future?

We will soon hold more expert surveys and discussion tables. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be very interesting to create synergy between all the people who care about the oceans and their future.